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Author, attorney, dachshund human. President of Dweebs Global.

It’s a five step process that rarely fails.

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I run a global organization with hundreds of volunteers and over 25 teams. This is how I literally save what’s left of my sanity and my life.

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I gave it to him within the first month we were dating.

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It is a meaningless way to describe 4.6 billion people

Photos from Unsplash, courtesy of Yu Kato, Raghu Nayyar, and Alejandro Cartagena.

A poem about life.

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A poem I wrote nine years ago is still so true.

© Rishi Mohan

It turns out many people are superficial.

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Both apps, though problematic, have their uses.

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I don’t accept what we lost.

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There is no drama, here. Only love.

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